Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Been Too Long

Well, it's been too long. So I am finally getting some pictures up here. Below are a few pics of our new home in South Lyon, MI.

The kids are growing up so fast. Here are a couple pics from the first week of school.
Kate is such a diva!! This is a very normal thing for her do, just strike a pose without being asked.
And Steven is a total jokester, he loves to be funny, and cracks us up all the time.

My beautiful wife!
We are loving the Michigan scene, and all the Cider Mills around here. We are within 20 minutes of about 4 substantial places. This is at Three Cedars Farm in Northville, MI.
Here are a couple pics from the one closest to our house; Erwin's Orchard in South Lyon.

Steven's Birthday was just a week ago, and he asked for a special theme this year.....ARMY! We tried to camouflage this place out. Michelle did a great job of staging a battle scene on the cake.

We knew we could rely on his grandpa to show up in some camo, I'm not actually sure he knew it was the theme. It could've just been coincidence.
Uncle Chris brought out his Halloween contacts, and freaked everyone out a little with those creepy eyes.
We couldn't hardly believe it, but a hot air balloon landed in our neighborhood yesterday. We see these balloons flying out here a lot. But this one got especially low, and before we knew it, the balloon landed in a driveway about two blocks away.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Steven's First Day of School

There he is my little stud on his first day of school.

Daddy and Steven

My sweet boy. I love how he is holding my necklace.

There is a picture of me. I exist in this world. Here is documentation.

Love the face Steve

Getting on the bus. Notice the street flooding?

" Bye mom and dad I''ll be fine."

He likes to sit by the emergency exit. Maybe we should have the talk about not pulling the latch unless it is an emergency??

The sweet bus driver asked if I wanted to get a picture of him on the bus. Of course, this will probably be the only time he wont be embarassed by me and still smile.

Going into the school.
He had a good day in all. Was upset playtime was short and they were stationed with the blocks. Since it was pouring outside they were inside for recess. We all made it trhough okay with minimum tears. Most were expressed in days and weeks previous. I am so proud of him, he is such a great kid.

Singing in the rain

Well I scored some major mommy points when the kids asked if they could go play in the rain and I actually said YES! I got some looks like "Are you sure mom you don't want to say no?" They had so much fun and were so cute.

The raincoats they are wearing are from when we were kids...Kate is wearing mine and Steve is wearing my brother Chris's ninja turtle coat.

Probably thinking ..."I still can't believe mom said yes."

Puddles, puddles, we love puddles!!

Just for the record...their clothes were soaking wet except for one small spot on their back.

It was so warm and there was no thunder or lightning, so Kev decided to take Leah out in the rain. She loved it is an understatement.

The water was dripping down her face and she kept trying to catch it with her pointy, long tongue.

She is such a funny girl, has so much personality. We all just adore her.

So cute!!

Grandpa Came to Virginia!

Grandpa got on his motorcycle Friday afternnon and traveled a whopping 800 miles to see us for the weekend. We had so much fun and did a lot while he was here over the weekend.

We stopped and got some slurpees and they showed off there colorful tongues! Grandpa had banana so I think he might have lost that contest...sorry dad.

Steven is learning how to read and was showing Grandpa his new skills. He is learning so fast and is reading everything he can.

Dad was brave and let Kevin get some use out of his motorcycle endorsement. I think we might be in trouble because Kevin had a lot of fun and was thinking of getting his own...Yikes!

There he goes...looking good babe!

Leah was loving having her Grandpa dote on her. He would tend to her every whim. She loved his beard and was always pulling it. I'm sure he did not mind. She has him wrapped around all of her fingers.

There she goes again.

Dad wanted to go to the beach to say he saw the ocean. So we went but he was the only one in work boots and jeans. But he was laughing when we were all covered in sand tryting to get it off. It was pretty funny though watching him try to walk through the sand in boots.

One of the kids favorite things we did with Grandpa when I asked them was play Candyland.

He lost everytime...what a good Grandpa. We had so much fun with him here it was really sad to see him go. Kate and I got to wave goodbye at two in the morning as he left for Michigan. We love you dad and are so glad you came...we had a great time.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting Ready!

Here she is ready to go!

She calls this face "being cheeky"

Upclose and "cheeky"

Ballet freinds
Kate, Lacey and Brianna

Precious feet.

I could watch her all day...she is trying so hard.

Her teacher gave her this flower and she was so proud...she did not even care about the flowers we got her. Go figure

Getting ready. Watch out daddy and papa she loved putting on the stage makeup. She told me her favorite was the mascara. And she already has long thick eyelashes.

Kate and Brianna
The best of friends